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December 2019

Almost Immediately
As December Looms
The Unanswerable Why

April 2019

March 2019

An Unlikely Pairing
Spring Flowers
The Companionship

February 2019

Sumptuous Splendor
The Dune Grass
Fall Harvest Meals
With The Sea
Sky Wheel
A Table For One
Promising Lines Of Poetry

July 2019

June 2019

A Single Glance
An Always
Willing Companions

May 2019

A Complex Construct
A Magnet
Now And Then
An Unwanted Reality
Made Mystical
The Transcendent

August 2019

September 2019

A Chaotic Array
Splendor Fleeting
The Quid Pro Quo
The Reasons
A Heightened Sense
A Mallard Sounds
In Paris
Just Imagine

October 2019

In Countless Numbers
Stunning Reminders
The Trusted Repository
Visible Nothingness

November 2019

Despite The Crosscurrents
Paris Is
The Hunting Grounds
The Infrastructures

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