"Wonder", a new collection of Word Paintings poetry, is now available from Amazon in paperback.


What plays host to our cosmos
to the infinity we observe

tolerates its expansion

shoulders its growth

is it a one of a kind

sea of stars or do

others exist alongside

and around this fabric

of space and time that

can shed new light on

where they and we

come from and will end

a region beyond

mathematical measure

a realm outside

our comprehension

the origin of everything

the playground

of the gods

Poetic interpretations of the Cosmos


Are you a science lover? Do you love reading about cosmos, the universe, sky, stars, etc.? If yes, then you should read Wonder: In the Presence of Infinity by Jon Trovato, as you would love it. If no, then you must read this book, as it would change your perception and make you fall in love with the science of the universe.


An unusual and serious meditation on existence.

The Prairies Book Review

A fascinating read.


I have reread your latest book, Wonder In The Presence of Infinity, and have found it to be even more beautiful and meaningful than my first reading. More than ever now, as I have said, already, it seems to me you are romancing the night sky.

Gabriella Bianchi


An old flame encouraged me to read your Wonder Book and gave me the link to your website. WOW to both your book and your site.

Ginger Durgan

Okay, so I read the book. I’m glad I did because I came away thinking all the poems contained in it could be used as an inspiring component of the narration for a PBS documentary on the Cosmos. BTW, the poem, “Raising The Possibility,” in my opinion, is definitely a Wonder.

Billie Tomacetti


Your book of Wonder is incredibly inspiring to me. Thank you.

Lynne Ellis

A beautiful presentation.

JoAnn Putnam


Always wanted to use the word, Dazzling. That’s what I think of your new book, Jon. It’s Dazzling.

Artie Morentz


J’ai votre livre. J’adore ton livre. N’arrêtez jamais d’écrire de la poésie.


Congratulations, Jon, on your WONDERful new book and also on your August poetry collection. One of my favorites is "So Spectacularly." If you keep writing, we'll keep reading!

Susan Brierly Bush


At first, I couldn’t understand how you could shift from writing about love to writing about the universe and still hold a reader’s attention. But I bought the book, anyway and I’m glad I did. The writing in The Wonder Collection is just as beautiful as the writing in The Firefly Collection. Your writing is the attention grabber and holder. Your words in The Wonder Collection are based on your observations and impressions of the cosmos. They are as tender, heartfelt and meaningful as your words of love.

Andrea LaBonte


Please don’t ever stop writing the kind of poetry that you’ve published in Wonder..

Jennifer Piccarelli


Your new book is as brilliant as the stars.

Brenda Arcand


The questions posed in the last section of Wonder are incredibly thought-provoking.

Jim Shaw


I know we commented on Wonder last month. But we decided to ask, Where do you find the time to write this amazing stuff?

Chuck & Drea Bergeron


You’re a keen observer, Jon Trovato, and it shows in your books, your website and your most recent Instagram postings.

Ken Lorenti

From my perspective, the word paintings in "Wonder" are — I’m not sure what words to use.  They bring a sense of awe and yes...wonder...that is beyond previous expression. The body of work is wonderful, and I send my heartfelt praise.

Janet Miller Haines


As a reader of mostly math & science stuff, I didn't expect to enjoy the poetry as much as I do. You have some real gems here, particularly, "Jewelling the Sky" & "Forever Intent." I will savor the rest of your poetry later ... and again and again. Thank you.

Sam Bleecker

Congratulations on publishing Wonder. Wow…I read the book with a feeling of awe!

Martin DeBenedetto


Every astronaut should be given a copy of this book. It should be required reading on the international space station.

Dan Burgess

The word WONDER has gotten a bad rap. It seems to me some people think that those of us who WONDER are always wondering while some action should be taken. On the other hand you’ve single handedly revived my appreciation of the word and our mutual respect for it. Congratulations.

Dennis Wheeler


This book is the best ever reason to go out and buy a backyard telescope.

Ray Racitti


The poetry in your latest book is simply grand.

Chuck & Drea Bergeron


In your new book, "Wonder In The Presence Of Infinity", you seem to be romancing the night sky.

Gabriella Bianchi


Wonder is quite a trip. WOW!

Barbara Levitt

"The Firefly Collection", a book of Word Paintings love poetry, is available from Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

Poetic interpretations of Love


Suddenly and gracefully

you seated yourself

barely an arm’s length

from me

at the entrance

to a woodland

familiar to both of us

on a night with neither

moon nor stars

when out of the darkness

a strand of tiny suns appeared

as if summoned

from a distant sky

each of them as fully entranced with your glow

as you were with theirs

signaling they and you

had met this way often

and would do so




"A beautiful collection!"

The Prairies Book Review

"There is a tenderness in Trovato's poetry that goes straight to the heart."


Some of the love poems in your new book brought me to tears. All of them are unforgettably profound. Your talent for expressing the intricacies and intimacies of this most beautiful behavior is without equal.

Laura Lallemond

I think the poetry in your "Firefly Collection" should be read often. I enjoy them that way and discover new meaning, new understanding, and new appreciation for your oh so beautiful words with each new reading.

Gabriella Bianchi

The poems in "The Firefly collection" are spectacular celebrations of love.

Arlene Phelan

What a beautiful, beautiful book.

Tracy Byer

I have read every poem in your "Firefly Collection", Jon. I see them as timeless, tireless and true words of love. Giving or receiving these words has got to have been gloriously life-changing. Thank you for sharing these poems with the world. 

Sandy Oliveri

Thank you so much for the beautiful book of poetry!  The poems are so intimate, so tender, so lyrical and poignant.  Congrats to you!!

Enid Edelson

You did it. You published a book of poetry. It’s beautiful. I can’t stop reading the poems.. Thank you. Who is the mystery woman on the cover? Were the poems written for her?

Bonnie Blanchette

Les poèmes de "The Firefly Collection" sont les expressions d’amour les plus sincères que j’ai jamais lues.


"The Firefly Collection" is a compendium of heartfelt love stories. I'll be reading each of them again and again.

Patricia Jahnsen

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