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"The Shape of Darkness The Shadow of Death", a NEW COLLECTION of Word Paintings poetry, is now available from Amazon in paperback.

There was darkness

all around me in the

middle of the day with

light just ahead in the

midst of a forest that

could have been taken

from my childhood just

waiting to be explored

but trying to do so was

as impossible as what

I was then witnessing

given the place and the

unnatural peacefulness

along with the pain

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Poems based on first-hand experiences, lasting memories and present day concerns.


Oneline Book Club Review

The Shape of Darkness The Shadow of Death: Poems is a poetry collection written by Jon Trovato. The book is divided into four sections: Damages, Diminishings, Determinations, and Destinies. The poems in each section have certain underlying themes, but overall they are a reflection of the author's experiences and opinions on war, leadership failures and the consequent risk of its institutions' collapse, and other personal and societal issues.

I connected with most of the poems. Some of them offer tips for personal healing and rediscovery, while others advocate for reformation in government institutions. While reading the poem titled "No Matter the Cost", I felt Trovato was speaking directly to me. I am in a very fragile state, and I was grateful he agreed that, for my good, I needed something I could tenaciously hold on to no matter how things continue to turn out. The poems titled "Trash", "Tearing," "The Best Reminder," and "Right Here," among others, capture the pathetic situation of a failing society and highlight what the citizens need to do whenever they are ready to build a system that works.

Some poems contain philosophical elements, and some question certain opinionated views in society. For example, in the poem titled "The Refusal" (page 27), Trovato appears to support what I would call the "absolute conviction of each human person," and he goes on to question why society tags such refusal (absolute conviction) as reckless denial rather than a heroic act. There are also poems that highlight the author's challenges in life, his views on the topic of fate (predestination), and the power of healthy friendships and a positive environment, among others.

I am rating this book five out of five stars for its rich thematic preoccupations and simple, engaging discourses. There is no complaint to mention about this book, so I have no reason to rate it lower. This literary piece was thoroughly edited and free of grammatical errors. I did have a great time reading this book, and I look forward to reading more books from this author.

If you are a fan of well-written poetry collections, this is another great option to consider, as is anyone interested in reading a literary piece that not only addresses real personal and societal issues but also provides a way forward to solving those problems.


The Prairies Book Review

Exquisitely lyrical and tender… A striking collection.

Trovato’s latest is a collection of poems driven by his own experiences, enduring memories, and present-day concerns.

Divided into four sections, these sharp poems combine melancholic pain, sensitivity, and resilience.


"Loving", a book of Word Paintings love poetry, is available from Amazon in paperback.

Her smiles
along with
her sounds
remain with me
as do her
willing kisses
and guileless
spellbinding serenity
they intertwined
our lives
for a time
entangled us
in a love
that had
the feel
of eternity
and the
of a
setting sun


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Poetic interpretations of Loving Relationships



A Passionate Meditation on Love and Relationships…

Trovato delivers a moving ode to a lover’s memory in his reflective latest. Divided into four parts, the collection delves into the essence of loving relationships.

Devotion and enduring love are rendered in their full complexity in “An Apparition.” “Truly Tranquil” vibrates with the admiration that comes with being desperately in love with someone.

In the collection, one notices the faithful devotion of a star-crossed lover: “Her perfections were/ legion each of them/ treasures to behold/ whether gifts of birth/ or self-earned through/ discipline or determination.”

There is also an inherent playfulness; in “Oh So Gently,” Trovato writes: “In the midst of/ a conversation/ she would often / reach out to touch/  my face oh so gently/ entrancing me with/ her unabashed sincerity.” In “Yesterday Moments,” Trovato verges on the sentimental, but he does so to express poignant feelings of nostalgia and melancholy.

He ably combines love and melancholy in “My Failure” as he writes: Her love/ was offered/ as a child/ might/ express it/ honestly/ obviously/ and repeatedly/ despite/ my failure/ to recognize the depths/ of her/ unequaled/ sincerity.” Constructed on the similar lines, “Abruptly,” “A Finality,” and “Unrecoverable” are equally melancholic.

 Trovato draws a relentless portrayal of a romantic relationship and all its related attendant anxieties and insecurities. The nostalgic “Not Nows” explores hauntings of memory and grief: “Give me thens/ not nows/ to deal with/ beautiful befores.” “A Belief” is a meditation on love.

Characterized by love, longing, pain, and melancholy, the collection elevates the everyday experiences of being in love into something sacred and magical.

Filled with depth, insight, and delight, the book makes for a page-turner.


The Prairies Book Review


In Loving by Jon Trovato, the author explores the many facets of love through poetry about a woman he deeply admired. This collection is divided into four main acts, each of which elaborates on an aspect of his relationship with this unnamed woman. The first two acts focus on the author’s initial meeting with her and the overwhelming joy she brings into his life. Much of that joy stems from her many admirable qualities: a tenderness towards others, a magnetic smile, and a personal grace that no storm can vanquish. The bond that forms between them is enviable, leaving the impression of a perfect, fairytale romance. Alas, like most good things, their relationship starts to sour––and both of them bear responsibility. In the last two acts, where the illusions of love have vanished, he grapples with the painful aftermath while also trying to make sense of the bittersweet memories that linger and pervade his mind.


Online Book Club Review


"Wonder", a book of Word Paintings poetry, is available from Amazon in paperback.


What plays host to our cosmos
to the infinity we observe

tolerates its expansion

shoulders its growth

is it a one of a kind

sea of stars or do

others exist alongside

and around this fabric

of space and time that

can shed new light on

where they and we

come from and will end

a region beyond

mathematical measure

a realm outside

our comprehension

the origin of everything

the playground

of the gods

Cover Image-1.jpg

Poetic interpretations of the Cosmos


Are you a science lover? Do you love reading about cosmos, the universe, sky, stars, etc.? If yes, then you should read Wonder: In the Presence of Infinity by Jon Trovato, as you would love it. If no, then you must read this book, as it would change your perception and make you fall in love with the science of the universe.


An unusual and serious meditation on existence.

The Prairies Book Review

A fascinating read.


"The Firefly Collection", a book of Word Paintings love poetry, is available from Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

Poetic interpretations of Love


Suddenly and gracefully

you seated yourself

barely an arm’s length

from me

at the entrance

to a woodland

familiar to both of us

on a night with neither

moon nor stars

when out of the darkness

a strand of tiny suns appeared

as if summoned

from a distant sky

each of them as fully entranced with your glow

as you were with theirs

signaling they and you

had met this way often

and would do so



Poetic interpretations of Love



A beautiful collection!

The Prairies Book Review

There is a tenderness in Trovato's poetry that goes straight to the heart.


Some of the love poems in your new book brought me to tears. All of them are unforgettably profound. Your talent for expressing the intricacies and intimacies of this most beautiful behavior is without equal.

Laura Lallemond

I think the poetry in your "Firefly Collection" should be read often. I enjoy them that way and discover new meaning, new understanding, and new appreciation for your oh so beautiful words with each new reading.

Gabriella Bianchi

The poems in "The Firefly collection" are spectacular celebrations of love.

Arlene Phelan

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