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Judy Wood’s watercolor trees are so beautiful, as are your accompanying words. Cheers to Spring as it unfolds.

Karen Burns


Been awhile, Jon. Thought I’d check in again to report that I continue to be a fan of your Word Paintings that continue to fascinate me. This latest update is no exception. Each of your pairings offer beautiful perspectives on the arrival of another long awaited Spring season.

Jim Colombe


Sam Bleecker’s “Skyward” painting is so bright and alluring, made even more so by your words, Jon. Together they remind us to get ready to behold and believe in the magic of springtime.

Annie Albrecht


Judy Wood’s painting borders on the mystical and the poetry below it it reinforces that fact. Bravo!

Paul and Laura Lallemond


“Painting the land as well as the skies in the most pleasant shades of life” has got to be one of the most beautiful lines of poetry ever written.

Jackie Liscenko


This site is exceptionally enchanting. I found it by following some of your posts on Instagram, all of which are equally enchanting.

Barbara Willmore


My first reaction after reading the poem and photo pair entitled, Nobility, was WOW. I’ve read it again, several times and the WOWNESS never fades.

Marge Grecco


Spring is trying very hard to spread her own wings. Last weekend she fooled everyone in the mountains by sharing another 2' of snow. Lucky me, I'm enjoying sunshine well below the foothills. Your newsletter is always a delight.

Karen Burns


Your April collaborations are lovely reminders that Spring has begun to transform our sights and sounds into far more appealing experiences than what Winter has to offer.

Thanks so much for bringing them to our attention, Jon

Mary Arsenault.


The Blessings image and poem carry a spirituality that is found only in Spring. The “Wow Factor is” off-the-charts in this and all the collaborations in this latest update. Congratulations!

Nina Colletti


Finally got through your latest collection, The Shape of Darkness/The Shadow of Death.

Took me awhile to adjust to the intensity of your experiences. I applaud your courage in publishing them. At the same time I have to say, your best work is contained in your Love Poems. I’m hoping you’ll someday give some serious thought to revisiting them.

Gabriella Bianchi


I’ve been wanting to say this for quite some time… The images that appear with your poems every month are always exceptional. It has to be a joy to work with the painters and photographers who create them.

Margaret Lanier


This is such a pleasant Website. Everything about it is simply stated and, at the same time, very profound. I’m so glad I found it.

Jo Lawler


These poems speak to me in ways I wish I could speak to everyone in my life.

Virginia Healy


Your words describe the season's transition so very well. The Sierras here are currently under an epic storm. Highways and businesses are closed and I'm sure everyone is looking ahead to viewing bits of Spring.

Karen Burns


Seeing and reading your Website content is such a  treat.

Jennifer Pedersen


The first of every month would not be the same for me without your Word Paintings Updates.

Marylyn Valente


Every one of your March pre-spring collaborations is spot on. Together they fill me with unending anticipation and expectation for an early and abundant Spring in 2024.

Barbara Bollinger


The Robin photographed by Larry Chase looks fierce enough to challenge an arctic winter. The poem that accompanies it definitely confirms that behavior.

Joel Laski 


There is an alchemy at work during seasonal changes, especially in the transition from winter to spring. Judy Wood and you, Jon, have captured it perfectly

Marci Ouellette


There is  always such precision and subtle grandeur in the paintings of Karen Burns. Her March artwork is no exception.

Edna and Jim Farrington


Sam Bleecker makes abstract art both understandable and beautiful. Also your poetry, Jon, adds further substance to his revelations.

Carmella Branco


Your website is a jewel, consistently so, because of the quality of poetry that resides there. What impresses me most is that your work also resides on Instagram and, annually, it appears in book form. None of your poems are duplicates. All are new, uniquely readable and memorable. Your productivity level is staggering, in my opinion. Prolific doesn’t begin to describe the level of your yearly poetic output. Your numbers tell the tale:  25-30 new poems appear monthly when combined with Instagram; along with 100 or so new poems that appear in book form every year. Why you are not a household name because of your beautifully written, extraordinary body of work is beyond  incomprehensible to me. I am a poetry lover. You are a poetry wonder.

Barbara James


Your February selections are beautifully spoken. I've always liked winter, enjoying the quiet of the season. Sincere thanks for pairing my work with your words.

Karen Burns


Your descriptions are superb, Jon. They are smile inducers and thought provokers. Together they are enviable word choices. Each is impossible to resist reading more than once, and, for me, much more than that, often.

Arlene Phelan


Judy Wood’s paintings and your poetry are perfect together.

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


The Peter Bloch photo that is paired with your “Almost Spiritual” poem is a stunning slice of deep woodland life. Bravo!

Jim Colombe


The Sam Bleecker winter woodland scene is indeed the stuff of childhood dreams.

Marci Ouellette


“Snow cottoned pine boughs flaunt their new puffery” are, without question, words to swoon by.

Gabriella Bianchi


You make poetry readable, understandable and enjoyable. Thank you.

Dana Borys


The collaborative work called “Frozen” is a winter’s hymn to much needed truth in these times of climate ignorance.

Jennifer Landry


Thank you for the reminder that Spring never leaves us. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Barry Schoenwald


Flowers are nature’s masterpieces. You’ve captured that reality in the pairing entitled For Centuries. Congratulations.

JoAnn Gibbon


This site is a gem. There’s no better word for it. I visit your words and the images of your collaborators, often.

Barbara Ellis


My daughter-in-law, who swoons over your poetry, encouraged me to visit your website. In doing so, I looked first at the “About Section.” As a recently retired English Literature professor, it seemed wise to see what might be found there; and I’m glad I did. “About” turns out to be an excellent guide to what motivates your superb writing . Clearly you find poetry in virtually everything and everywhere, including the physics of the universe. Quite an accomplishment! My take on all of what you have to offer site visitors is that you are a word magician—someone who consistently creates magic with words. Bravo!

Anne Swoeda


I’ve been wanting to say this for quite some time: This is a very pretty site with very pretty poetry and very pretty images.

Barbara McMahon


I am a veteran and not a fan of poetry. But my wife and daughter asked me to read your book of poems called The Shape of Darkness The Shadow of Death. So I did and was amazed at how you were able to write about your experiences and memories, many of which are identical to my own, as poetry. Thank you for your service and for having the courage to write about it in such an unusual and meaningful way.

Bob Blanchard


My wife gave me a copy of your Shapes and Shadows book for my birthday. At first I was put off. Poetry is not my thing. But I read it anyway because I trust her. Actually I read it three times. BTW: Been there. Done that, Brother. Two Tours!

Jack Higgenbotham


Always a pleasure to browse your monthly inspiration, thank you for including my work. The very best of the season to you and yours.

Karen Burns


Thank you for your Website, Instagram, and extraordinary collections of poems.

Esther Liquori


The Lingering Sprawls poem and photo capture perfectly the manner and mood of the majority of our coming winter days.

Janice Coughlin


You are absolutely correct, winter leaves us with only pencil sketches. I’ve felt that way for most of my life but never was able to express it. Thank you, sincerely, for the gift of your words.

Adele French


Your poem and image pairings are always perfect together. Always.

James Guidry


As a diehard fly fisherman, I have to admit, your Passion posting encapsulates the essence of the joy I get to experience for as long as is legally possible every year.

Bob Farbour


All I can say about Living Monuments is WOW. So I’ll say it again, WOW.

Andrea DePietro


The life cycle of the rose is especially lovely. I've always felt there was a certain beauty in decay.

Karen Burns


The observations made in the photo-poem combination, “A Phenomenon,” have been in my late Fall experiences since childhood.

Sam Tomberelli


Reading your books, from time to time, compels me to leave you with this R. Rauschenberg witticism: “Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made.” As an artist, I try to act in that gap between the two. One could say that about you.

Dennis Wheeler


You are absolutely correct. There is an infinity of beauty in a rose. You’ve captured that fact in the photo and poem called, “Incomparable.”

Raylene Wittenberg


Your latest poetry collection is filled with so much pain and suffering. But all of it is so beautifully written, making the collection impossible to put down. In fact, I’ve read all of the poems several times, now, and will probably read them several times more.

Stephany Schumacher


“The Onset” is an incredible tribute to Fall.

Jean Bergeron


The photograph and poem pairing entitled “Sparingly” is beyond breathtaking.

Marcia Cotter


I’ve read your latest collection and don’t know whether to call this work a lament or a confession, or both. Not surprisingly, it’s beautifully written and, hidden among the gems, I think I found at least three sad but very thought provoking poems that explain why your Firefly no longer appears on your site.

Gabriella Bianchi


Started reading your latest book of poems!  Intense.

Camille Block


My wife gave me a copy of the Shape of Darkness The Shadow of Death. I’m not a poetry reader. But I heard you, brother. Loud and Clear.

Mark Ambrose

Not only is the title of your latest book of poetry brilliant and evocative, but the poems screech from pain, ones I imagine you felt in Nam and directly afterwards. Brave of you to open up and share your angst with the world. My hat is off to you.

Sam Bleecker


I loved The Shape Of Darkness The Shadow Of Death. Now that you got that out of your system, take a rest.  I think it takes a lot of guts to produce such  a work, plus a lot of time and bourbon. I’d say the Destinies Section of this latest poetry collection could and should go on to be your next tour de force.

Dennis Wheeler


This is my first visit to this Website and, in my opinion, the painting entitled “A Distant Inevitability,” is simply luxurious; and, the poem that accompanies this art doubly reinforces that fact.

Jenine Craig


Always a pleasure to be here and always a pleasure to read your poetry for images that welcome the season.

Karen Burns


I very much appreciated The Encroaching Footprint painting and poem. On the latter: truer words have never been spoken. It’s getting to be well past the time when all of us should have been listening!

Cathy Beauchamps


The “Witnessed” pairing is chillingly beautiful.

Pamela Fairweather


I’m so glad you’re still at it, Jon. I love to visit this site as well as your Instagram page

Barbara Levitt


It’s been awhile, so I thought I’d speak up, again. Your poetry and image combinations continue to be extraordinarily well matched, profoundly expressive and deeply appreciated.

Dave Elligood


“Brash New Beauty” is a perfect way to describe the onset of Fall, Jon. An excellent choice of words, as always.

Bob Fuller


Subtle Hints -- thank you, once again, Jon for finding the exceptional words to accompany one of my paintings. You always seem to elevate my work with your words.

Karen Burns


As always this site can be counted on, consistently, to publish peaceful, powerful pix and poetry.

Sonia Harding


Enchanting site. Always a pleasure to visit.

Marcia Matasso


The Karen Burns paintings combined with your poetry, Jon, are nothing less than magical.

Barbara DeSpirito


When images are spectacular to begin with, it’s hard to believe anything can add to their value; and then comes this amazingly enchanting poetry.

Dana Bradbury


I can’t stop loving your Website, Jon. Your September Update is yet another reason why.

Nina Colletti


Perfect poetry. Perfect pictures and paintings. What’s not to like about Word Paintings?

Annie Michaud


Glad to see you’re still at it Jon and you should be glad to know I’m still a fan. The “For Eons” picture and poem are amazing together!

Bill Borys


Such a lovely website. I’m so glad I found you. Always pleasant images accompanied by always pleasant thoughts. Who could ask for more?

Mary Beth Flanagan


Saw your Update notice on Instagram and decided to activate your link. Glad that I did. Not only did I enjoy what I saw and read, I took the time to visit quite a few of your monthly editions. All of the poetry and images are among the most enjoyable I’ve seen in years. Count on me to be a site follower for as long as you publish. I’ve been one of your many Instagram followers for years.

Marjorie Meehan


I’ve been to Ballston Beach. I know that trail, well! You have captured all the beauty and meaningfulness of that section of coastline, perfectly.

Dana Marceti


I’ll never tire of your poetry alongside the paintings of Karen Burns.

Mitch Albrecht


How you create a poetic interpretation from looking at a painting or photograph amazes me. Especially this month’s interpretation entitled, “At The Height.” Brilliant.

Sonya Michaud


Peter Bloch’s photographs are stunningly delightful. Your accompanying poetry just adds to their beauty.

Dani Augerri


Word paintings are always fun to look at and always fun to read. Thank you for continuing to publish them

Teresa Robinson


Still at it, Jon Trovato, after all these years. Still at the top of your game. Wow!

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


Your July offerings speak to summer as well as the current situation of our country. Well said.

Karen Burns


It’s so true. The skies over France are as magical as its earthbound scenery. The “Crowned in Crimson” poem and photograph captures that truth, beautifully.

Mary Ellen Donnelly


The “Still Possible” pairing, hopefully, captures how the majority of voters in November 2024 will ensure our Democracy remains in place, always

Gene Roczinski


 What is a summer without lilacs, indoors and out? Thank you Karen Burns and Jon Trovato for confirming the rationale for asking that question under the title, These Wonderful Flowerings.

Raylene Howard


Works of Art are all around us in the spring and summer months. More so than in any other season. The painting and poem pair that acknowledge this beautiful feature of our everyday lives, at this time of year, are reminders that each Work of Art is a gift that deserves far more gratitude and gratefulness than any of us choose to express, these days. Why is that so?

Paula Emanuel


We are killing this planet. Never has this declaration/conclusion been more evident than in this summer. Record heat, flooding, and the ongoing threat of a nuclear war continue to make headlines, daily. Yet despite all of this doomsday rhetoric, you continue to find ways to express the magic of simply being alive. Thank you for the strengths of your inspirations and your insights, Jon Trovato.

Marjorie Killeen


Good morning, JT! What a treat waking up to discover your latest collection of poetry. I remember when Word Paintings began years ago…you first mentioned the idea to me at the Black Horse Tavern. And now you have an amazing number of worldwide followers on Instagram. Good on you, my friend.

Susan Brierly Bush


The words you choose are always amazingly wonderful. ". . . gently applaud the wind."

Karen Burns


The “At Last” image looks to me to be a treasure found among the artworks of Henri Rousseau. Karen Burns is a genius.

Catherine Reilly


I know that lake and I know that sky in the “Forever Held” pairing. Both are eternal, in my opinion. They deserve each other.

John Moran


Race Point in Provincetown is one of my most closely held natural beauty secrets. So pleased to discover I’m not alone in that assessment.

Kay Fitzgerald


Sand Crabs are indeed prehistoric creatures and I’m so glad that no one holds that distinction against them.

Gary LeFebvre


Your Website is profoundly beautiful. Thank you for including me in your distribution list. I look forward, hungrily, to each update. BTW, thanks very much for pointing me toward your daily Instagram pairings. They help to keep the wait for your Web Site Updates less painful and more rewarding each month.

Barry Schoenwald


This site has helped me to better understand poetry, painting  and photography. You manage to combine all three of these art forms in ways that not only inspire me to understand what is being said or shown, you present them in a complementary fashion that makes the whole of what you’ve created greater than all of its parts (even though each of those parts is, most often, a superb work of art that can stand on its own). Wow!

Kathy Barrett  


You have captured the spirit of the season with your words that are bursting with spring and all it brings.

Karen Burns


Hey, Jon, I haven’t checked in for quite a while. But always know that I continue to enjoy your site poetry and images, every month—especially those that appear in this recent May update. Without question, you and your collaborators are big fans of spring, as am I. Thanks for these excellent thought-provoking views on what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of our four seasons.

William Edrys


The photos taken by Peter Bloch are always stunningly beautiful Jon. Not surprisingly, your words always amplify the impact of his work.

Marci Ouellette


I’ve never been a fan of abstract art—that is, until I’ve been exposed to your amazing interpretations of Sam Bleecker’s work. Thanks very much for those insights. They helped to bring the sun from behind all the clouds for me.

Ruth Fairweather


I’m so pleased to see that you and your collaborators are still at it, Jon. I continue to be a fan of your site and your work here and on  Instagram

Ginny Bregulliard 


Hello Word Paintings Poet! Have you ever considered submitting your poems and the images they interpret to Greeting Card Companies? I’m certain they would very, VERY interested in what you have to offer.

Rita Bouchard


Jon, you are a true smithy of words.

Charles Hoopes


I’ve said this before and I’ve decided to say it again. Beautiful poetry and beautiful images from a beautiful man.

Gabriella Bianchi


Lilacs - my favorite Spring blooms. Their time spent is too short especially if we have a rainy season. Beautiful poem - lovely painting. How fortunate we are when we pay attention to Mother Nature.

Mary Ann Manning


Once again, I thank you for choosing an artwork of mine. Your words are also a welcoming sign of spring.

Karen Burns


Your new spring tidings are so very much welcome this year.

Julia Bastille


Your poetic interpretations of the images on this site are always spot-on. Please keep up this imaginative art for as long as you are able.

Ron Abraham


“Driven by a gentle chemistry.” What a great way to describe the arrival of spring! You never fail to make me smile, Jon.

Bonnie Blanchette


The poem and painting collaboration entitled “All At Once” contains one of the most profound insights into spring rebirth and renewal imaginable. Wow!

Gail Blemire


I’m very familiar with the streets of Wellfleet. The painting and poem called Delicate Flowerings couldn’t be more accurate from spring through summer.

Dana Marceti


I continue to absolutely love this website. Thank you Jon Trovato.

Jackie Liscenko


Where are your love poems, especially now in springtime?

Gabriella Bianchi


By the time this note is published, I hope we are seeing, hearing and feeling spring all around us.

Arlene Phelan


This site is so pleasant to visit, I wish you would update the content more than once each month.

Deborah Langsom


My daughter and I follow you on Instagram and here because all of your collaborations are consistently filled with simplicity, peacefulness and joy (in that order).

Margaret Ellinghaus


The poems and images that appear on this Website look to be made for each other. Quite an accomplishment, Jon!

Artie Morentz


When are you going to write another book, Jon?

Janet VanAnnen


After following you for several years, it finally dawned on me that what you’re trying to do is remind and, maybe, teach your readers that there is so much more to be appreciated than just the colorful brightness of a sunrise or sunset or more to be learned from birds in flight or to be understood from a field of spring flowers or a hillside reshaped by drifting snow or a forest drenched by a summer rain or ignited by falling leaves or a night sky riddled with stars—you’re telling us, through poetry and images, there is so much more meaning to what we take for granted in this life by sharing just some of what you have interpreted from everyday experiences to get all of us to realize the scope of the magic around us before we’re no longer here to enjoy it.

Janice LaPlante


I’ve been visiting your Website forever. Just recently, I decided to follow your monthly cover note instructions to “find you” on INSTAGRAM. Glad I did. What a wonderful compilation of your work!

Drea Parisi


This month's tribute to "Winter" is warming no matter the outdoor temperature. Thank you Jon.

Mary Ann Manning


Your February selections depict wonderful wintery days and your words bring each image to life.

Karen Burns


I cannot think of a more appropriate word than Caressed to pair your poem and the Karen Burns painting. Absolutely beautiful.

Nancy Lucy


The Peter Bloch photos are always breathtaking. This month’s pairing called “Wide Enough” is no exception.

Belle Thompson


The thoughts carried by the poetry and painting collaboration called Hopeful Intimations parallel my thoughts, these days. Winter Begone, already!

Ginny Derderian


I’m compelled to repeat myself this month, Jon Trovato (and Annie agrees). These are truly outstanding expressions of what you see, hear and continue to learn during your lifetime. Keep them coming.

Hank and Annie Shaw


WOW, Jon Trovato. Just plain WOW.

Jackie Liscenko


Jon - just read Jan poetry. Liked "At Bay."

Larry Prince


What inspiring poems, in the Word Paintings today !  I especially like The Sprawl.  So much hope in it, and that’s what I always think in the midst of the winter:  days are getting longer and we are getting closer to spring every day!

Anne Paolino


“The Sprawl” is a magnificent pairing of your poetry with Karen Burns painting.

Ginny Bregulliard 


A lovely January selection. It's always nice to take a peek through your words at a piece I've created, a place where I have stood, a place I miss in the winter months. Your words in general regarding winter make me believe you enjoy the summers much much more than winters :-) . Best to you as we all step out into the New Year.

Karen Burns


You never fail to inspire, Jon Trovato. Thank you for your consistently beautiful words and imagery. Each has enough meaning to last a lifetime.

Samantha Raymond


We wanted to let you know that we continue to follow you here and on Instagram. So please do not change, Jon Trovato. You are a gift.

Paul and Laura Lallemond


Moonrise actually does drape lakeshore pinelands with foreboding shadows. I’m looking at that phenomenon happen right now, outside my living room windows.

Bobbi Consoli


I know that village you mention in the poem and painting entitled, “At Bay.” It’s not for the faint of heart, especially at this time of year.

John O’Brian


Working together, you and Sam Bleecker bring simplicity to complexity.

Bonnie Blanchette


Congrats on another beautiful and thought-provoking poetry collection, Jon. Among my favorites are Mirroring the Mountains and also The First Snow.

Susan Brierly Bush


There is so much subtle drama in your Musings Collection. Quiet, powerful poetry that in very short order holds my attention and demands that I read what you’ve said, and chosen to pair it with, again and again.

Terry Flanagan


The science in Sam Bleecker’s art and in the simple words you’ve chosen to explain it are nothing less than a quantum entanglement.

Art Bachelder


My daughter introduced me to your site as well as your Instagram page. You are a poetry factory, Jon Trovato. Her words, not mine. To me you are a gifted soul who delights in delighting others.

Marian LaPlante


The photography and videography of Peter Bloch coupled with your poetry are perfect together.

Denise Andretti


“As Silent As The Cold” is mesmerizing.

Claire Partridge


Please at least think about creating another collection of love poems. They are sorely missed.

Gabriella Bianchi


Your poetry makes me look at images in new ways, it helps me see things that I did not previously see. How you continue to pull out the best of an image with your words is pure magic.

Karen Burns


Your November Update Notice couldn’t be more timely or appropriate.

Jim Doherty


You always tell it like it is, Jon. Your November Update Alert is testimony to that fact. Never, Ever  Change your way of getting straight to the heart of what matters most.

William Iworski


Nice Intro!

Janet Miller Haines


Let’s hope your eleventh hour call to flood the midterm election polls with rational voters goes a long way toward helping to save this home of the brave and land of the free

Joseph Licciardello


When this comment gets published in your December Update, I hope we’re still a Democracy.

Barbara Perrault


Your voter suppression warning should be read from both the House and Senate floors, daily, between now (November 1) and November 8 and, if necessary, beyond.

Gary Andrews


This is a very comfortable and comforting Website. Glad I found it.

Ginger Durgin


The poem and painting combination, “Simple Passages,” is simply lovely.

Brenda Frankel


I just found, by accident that the Peter Bloch image is a video freeze frame and the link below it leads to a visual experience as wonderful as the poem that accompanies it.

Jackie DeMarco


Good words, good visuals, as always.

Larry Chase 


 Your words are so inspirational. Have you ever thought of creating note cards or small posters that people could keep or hand out to others as thoughtful gifts? I know enough about the costs of printing images to say that approach would be expensive. But I believe your words are strong enough to stand on their own in a lot of people’s lives.

Janice LaPlante


I savored your latest words this morning. I especially liked A Way. . . 

Karen Burns


For me, your pairing called, “A Hazy Dreamscape” is an enchanted place where only pleasant experiences can be found.  How delightful. I love the phrase, “gossamer reality.”

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


Early Fall Only has introduced me to a wonderful winding river where I’d like to drift for days in any season. Thank you.

Bob Fuller


This site is a wonderful source for transcendental meditation.

Jamie Regalis


Your Firefly returns once again in the poem and picture combination called A Way, Jon Trovato. This time it’s obvious to me she’ll never leave you. When are you going to do something about that?

Gabriella Bianchi


I think the poem and painting combination called “Effortlessly,” depict fall at its most glorious. WOW!

Bob DeStephano


Peace and beauty are the norms here. Thankfully, nothing less is ever offered (and, hopefully, never will be).

Jill Durant


I took the time to find your incredible Instagram Poetry Gallery. As a result, I now understand why you publish so few site poems monthly. Your creativity and productivity levels are astonishing.

Nancy Lucy


I always marvel that you find the perfect words to accompany the images you present here.

Karen Burns


I am convinced that the poem and photo entitled, It Persists, are reminiscent of your experiences with The Firefly whoever and wherever she may be, these days. A welcome flashback, in my opinon.

Gabriella Bianchi


The image and poem combinations on this site are breathtaking. While I’m sure there are numerous reasons for not producing more than four of these combinations, I wish there were more every month.

Jen Doherty


What come first, the chicken or the egg (the poem or the picture)?

Paul Donato


France figures into your thinking often and that’s just fine with me. I’ve lived there and travel often to the Bourgogne region (even during Covid). Your thoughts on the beauty of my favorite country are always spot-on (parfait).

Elaine Thibedeau


One of my favorite months is September and one of my favorite word paintings is The Signal, with artwork by Karen Burns and poetry by Jon Trovato. I think the idea of pairing words and images is brilliant, and this is a perfect example of the synergy created by a fabulous piece of artwork married with captivating poetry.

Susan Brierly Bush


There is always so much stunning beauty and peaceful energy on this site. Thanks for continuing to deliver both.

Dave Elligood


Your Love Pairings never cease to bring a smile to my face. They are both timeless and true. It’s great to see one of your latest efforts in the image-idea combination entitled, “It Persists.” Breathtaking stuff.

Mary Arsenault

Good to see time and tide haven't kept these poems from coming.  Especially the maple leaf.... Thanks!

Larry Chase


If I had ever encountered a doorway as intriguing as what is depicted in the painting and poetry combination called “A Distinctive Presence,” I’m certain I would have found a parking space nearby and tried to gain entrance.

Doris Guidry


Why are French villages so more charming than any others, anywhere. Thanks for bringing that personal observation to my mind, again. Thanks also for continuing to publish such charming pairs of images and poems.

Jim Buckley

Unfairly Mottled ~ some are struck down far too early . . . your poetry always makes me pause.

Karen Burns

I don’t know how you derived your interpretation of the abstract image, entitled The Configurations, but I have to admit it works perfectly.

Bob Dionne 


A Distinctive Presence really stuck in my mind. It brought a feeling of strength, curiosity, and adventure. It reminded me of the story - The Secret Garden - where will it lead - do I stay where I am or do I go beyond that "burly wood"! Thank you Jon for such beautiful words.

Mary Ann Manning


A pleasure to browse your poetry pairings with my coffee this morning. Your words always make me pause and look at my surroundings a little differently. Thank you again for choosing my work.

Karen Burns


I particularly like The Essence...

Janet Miller Haines


I’m 12 and I intend to be a poet who writes just like you. All of your poems are beautiful.
Annie Cottrell 


I love this website, Jon Trovato, because it’s always filled with poems that celebrate the love of living, the love of learning and the love of loving. 

Lydia Hebert


I have one fitting word for the poem and painting called “Fitting.” It’s “WOW.”

Dana Marcetti


There’s nothing more charming than a little forest filled with fairy tales waiting to be told.

Mary Fitzhugh


Because of both the continuing oppressive heat out here and the beauty found in the Peter Bloch photo and the accompanying poem, I have the “Urge” to camp out next to that stream in Maine all summer long.

Brian Handley 


Congrats on another collection of inspirational poetry. All very nice… my favorites are The Essence and The Urge. And, as always, the artworks accompanying them are really lovely.

Susan Brierly Bush


There is a music that binds all of us. Some people call it consciousness. Others settle for magnetism. I prefer the viewpoint presented by you and Sam Bleecker.

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


The beauty conveyed by your site images and poetry is breathtakingly peaceful. I visit your work here and on Instagram, often and decided, today, to tell you why.

Mary Fitzhugh


You’ve finally returned to featuring a love poem in an update. About time, Jon Trovato. I believe all of your poetry is excellent,. But, in my opinion, your love poems are among the most sensitive and endearing I’ve ever read. I also have to say, with more than a little certainty that “Because” is yet another call to your Firefly Lady.

Gabriella Bianchi


As always, the poems, paintings and photos on this site are as timely as they are thought-provoking.

William Edrys


Never stop doing what you do on this site and on Instagram, Jon Trovato.

Arlene Phelan


I’ve been meaning to ask for quite some time, Jon, which comes first, the poem or the image?  Or, do they evolve together?

Jim Colombe


So many lovelies. My favorites are The Price and Proven Worthy. Thank you, JT, for honoring us with another month of heartfelt poetry.

Susan Brierly Bush


Beautiful painting, Judy Wood ~ perfect pairing here in Word Paintings. Always a pleasure to browse your site, Jon, early in the day with my first cup of coffee.

Karen Burns


First, thank you for including me in your collection. Second, thank you for encouraging others to write poetry. Keep writing and sharing!

Judy Wood


The paintings and poetry on your site are such powerful combinations. They hold my attention every month and prompt me to visit them again and again.

Amy Laurent


I think your interpretation of the Dennis Wheeler collage is so fitting for this era of unending lies.

Celia Ames


How true your poem on the wild iris is and how beautiful is the painting offered by Judy Wood. A wonderful pairing

Leslie Galler


I have not been a fan of abstract art. BUT, the paintings you feature from Sam Bleecker and Dennis Wheeler are changing my mind about abstracts. Maybe it’s your poetry that has opened my eyes to the intense beauty of this art form.

Cathy Jonkas


My life partner and I have been to Tuscany, often, and you and Mr. Planck are 100% spot on. It is a “dreamworld.”

Jim Farrington


Hi JT! Another exceptional collection of poetry from my talented friend. I especially like Much More Than a Hint. Was happy and surprised to see a painting by Pat Jahnsen. Had no idea she is an artist. A nice collaboration for you two.

Susan Brierly Bush


I love the poetry on this site as well as the poetry that you post regularly on Instagram. While both are similar in content and style, they seem to me to be quite different in the way they are focused. To be honest, your website poetry seems to be far more personal than your Instagram poetry. Whether or not this is your intent or my interpretation of your intent, I love them both.

Eileen McSorley


As a long time resident of Camden and a long time follower of Word Paintings, I can say with great relief (and expectation) that your poem, “The Melt Is On,” is definitely spot on, especially in the line: “Winter’s hold is typically tenacious in Maine.” It’s tenacity this year is a record breaker.

Maureen Andrews


The painting and poem entitled, A Hope, are so delicate and so beautiful, together.

Janet McDermott


I know I sound like a never-ending echo. But I can’t stop myself from wondering and asking when will you publish more of your Love Poems. What you have published so far on this site and in book form are among the most beautiful I’ve ever read.

Gabriella Bianchi


“Immensity without any density” is a great line, Jon Trovato. You continue to amaze me.

Artie Morentz


Every one of these poems and pictures are gifts. Thank you for all of them.

Dolly Pilch


Very pleasant thoughts combined with very pleasant images. Great concept. I wish you great success.

Michael Eisen

Jon, I’ve very much enjoyed your March 2022 poetry. My favorite poem and accompanying artwork is “In the Warmth.” Pure genius to complement each of your poems with a beautiful, colorful work of art.

Susan Brierly Bush


A Pleasure browsing your poetry in the early morning hours today.

Karen Burns


You have some lovely art work on your website. Do you ever work with other poets to do Ekphrastic work? Do you at times team up with poets with other artists?

Bob Moore


“Immensity without density.” What a wonderful phase along with an equally wonderful painting.

Joanna Cody


Are your trying to say in the poem-painting combination that Karen Burns has created an image reminiscent of those that were created during what’s known as the romantic era?. If so, I agree with you. Her work is quite beautiful.

Jean Anne Chamberlain


Where are your love poems? I miss them so.

Gabriella Bianchi


I still love your poetry, Jon. And, after more years than I can count since you started publishing this site, I still can’t decide which of your poems is my favorite. All of them and the paintings and pictures that accompany each are absolutely beautiful. You are a treasure, Mr. Trovato.

Nina Colletti


Always a pleasure to have work here in Word Paintings. Thank You.

Karen Burns


Grand Central Station will always be grand; especially in black and white. I don’t know why I feel this way. But, I’ll bet I’m not alone.

Jemma Perelli


Larry Chase, again, and this time with an abstract painting effect within a photo. Who else could accomplish this feat?

Elizabeth Perretti


I really like the “Long Before” image and poem. It’s my favorite time of day after a New York City snow storm. In fact, being an early riser, I work really hard at not being the first to put my footprints in the snow outside my apartment building

Gary Schmotlach


I think I will try your advice on how to delete the touch and feel of winter by imagining the colors of spring and summer, at bed time. I’ve tried everything else, including your love poems and they work, but only briefly. Not enough to carry me into sleep (unless winter is not outside my doors). Maybe this new approach will work, year round.

Gabriella Bianchi


This site is so lovely. I visit often and wonder why you publish only once each month.

Arlene Phelan


These are such sad times, How you manage to bring such joy through your poetry and images continues to amaze me. Thank you for these gifts. They brighten my days.

Joanna Brimley


You’ve chosen your poetry introductory words well, Jon Trovato. Each of your poem and image pairs is, for me, either a new or an already cherished experience to remember. I love this website

Nancy Wright


There’s a hint. Or maybe it’s a glint of W.S. Merwin in your poetry. Don’t let this observation go to your head. Just keep working at keeping it in your poems. They’re far more beautiful than most because of where and how it shows up every now and then.

Joelle Reese


Your January selections are as insightful as they are beautiful, Jon. Please don’t ever stop practicing your magic.

Carolyn Mahoney


Winter scenes from you and your artists and photographers always capture the beauty of this season, never its harshness. All of them contain lessons each of us can learn from and should practice often

Saul Margolis


You’ve been silent on Instagram. I’m hoping you’re well,

Gabriella Bianchi


The poem-photo combination, Preening Behaviors, should be framed and made available for purchase. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

Natalie Wright


Why doesn’t Larry Chase have a Website? His photos are uncommonly real and re-visitable.

Elizabeth Perretti


Have to admit, since I failed to do so, last month, both my mother and I are HUGE fans of this site. We follow it, religiously. We also follow all your Instagram posts and, we’ve read all of your books. P.S. your Memoir is dog eared.

Chrissie Ricca


The painters that are featured on this site are ideally suited to reinforce the peaceful moods you try to convey through your simply stated lines of poetry each month. How you found them is a mystery to me. But I’m sure you are as pleased with what they have to offer as I am.

Betty Colquhoon


Where are your love poems, Jon? Don’t misunderstand me. All of your poetry intrigues me. But I continue to wait for the latest update on the relationship you had or have with your Firefly.

Gabriella Bianchi


Just wanted to let you know I’m still a fan and still amazed at the breadth and depth of your imagination. Never stop publishing your thoughts, Jon. The paintings and photos that accompany them are extraordinarily well suited for underscoring your words

Mark McIntyre


Reading the poem and painting pairing entitled, Oh So Fleeting, brought summer back into my life in December, I can’t begin to thank you enough for this experience.

Dana Marcetti


“In A Hand” is a very clever interpretation of a wonderful winter photograph.

Jim Rasmussen


The poems and pix on this beautiful site are all about being in love with life. Thank you for all of them.

Chrissie Ricca


Somehow, your words manage to make my paintings become a bit more alive.

Karen Burns


Your Word Paintings website is a pleasure to visit. I’ve been doing just that for years. I thought it was time for me to submit a comment. Here is: All of the content is always a pleasure to see and read, always.

Amy Laurent


The poem and picture titled, “A Solar System Quirk,” should have been called a Political System Annoyance.

Judy McCarty


You seem fixated on New Hampshire this month. I can’t blame you,. It’s a beautiful state, in any season and in any weather.

Dolly Patenaud


Whenever I visit the Word Paintings website, my reaction is always WOW! Please never stop creating these beautiful “pairings.”

Maddie LeHaine


Karen Burns is a wonderful artist. Her site and her works are gorgeous. So too is this site and its works.

Gina Pirelli 


I’m so pleased to find that you have begun to offer the same approach to all of your Instagram posts that are offered here on your Website. They are beautiful. Thank you.

Barbara Gonzales


It’s been a while. So I thought I’d reach out, again, to let you know I’m still a fan, Jon. Your poetry is never less than inspirational.

Janet VanAnnen


Thank you, Jon, for choosing my work to accompany your wonderful poetry.

Karen Burns


Wonderful pairings! I’d love to know more! Thank you!

Judy Wood


An “Eye Feast” could have no better title, nor a better poem to accompany it.

Kathleen Perry


Your new Instagram postings brought me here. What a wonderful website. You definitely can paint with words, Jon. All of them are lovely.

Jeanette LaCroix


Congratulations on your new approach to presenting your poetry on Instagram. It does indeed better align with what you’ve been publishing on your website. Plus it further underscores your incredible ability to interpret the way painters and photographers create their images, which appear to me to be the way you interpret the images of experiences and events you’ve stored in your mind. You have a very special talent. Thank you for sharing it with others.

Ruth Fairweather


The Karen Burns paintings are absolutely beautiful, made even more so by what you have to say about them.

Kevin Michaud


I have to ask if the young lady pictured with the She Can Be poem is your latest Firefly. I hope so. You need to move on from the bittersweet experiences you had with the lady that your Loving Memoir so intimately and so indelibly describes.

Gabriella Bianchi


The Sam Bleecker painting coupled with the poem, “Oddly Volcanic,” are powerful reminders of just how precarious our hold on this Democracy of ours has become. What I can’t understand is why a fire doesn’t burn within and under those who are committed to ensure that Democracy, the essence of this nation, remains intact.

Bill Rasmussen


I love the Karen Burns painting, Jon...the shade of the color orange she has chosen is exquisite. And, the pairing with your poem is spot on. 

Camille Block.


“A Grand Reflection” has such a dramatic skyline image. The accompanying poem is so appropriate and fitting for these times. Why am I not surprised that you continue to hit home runs, Jon. Good for you…

William Edrys


The pairing entitled Like Childhood Dreams, is lovely. So reminiscent of your First Impressions poetry. I miss those.

Nina Colletti


I’m in love with the poem and painting entitled, Where Joy Can Be Found! I’m also in love with Paris. Always will be. Thank you for bringing back so many beautiful memories of that beautiful city.

Anna Cronin


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