I love the Karen Burns painting, Jon...the shade of the color orange she has chosen is exquisite. And, the pairing with your poem is spot on. 

Camille Block.


“A Grand Reflection” has such a dramatic skyline image. The accompanying poem is so appropriate and fitting for these times. Why am I not surprised that you continue to hit home runs, Jon. Good for you…

William Edrys


The pairing entitled Like Childhood Dreams, is lovely. So reminiscent of your First Impressions poetry. I miss those.

Nina Colletti


I’m in love with the poem and painting entitled, Where Joy Can Be Found! I’m also in love with Paris. Always will be. Thank you for bringing back so many beautiful memories of that beautiful city.

Anna Cronin


I found this site by following the link in your Instagram bio. Wow. Totally different from what you post in your gallery there. Your Website poems are equally, if not, much more beautiful than your Instagram poems.

Christopher Macauley


I’m pretty sure I’ve been on that road “Toward Infinities” with my Dad. I was about 11 or 12 years old. Can’t remember why we were there, or what we were talking about. But seeing the poem you’ve written has brought back the memory of the two of us walking through a field like that so often, one summer, many years ago.

Art Courtemanche


I have read your Loving Memoir, again. My final verdict is that it’s a beautifully written, heart-breaking love story. I love Loving. I hope everyone who reads this book will love it, too.

Gabriella Bianchi


Your Memoir, Mr. Trovato, is a modern day version of  “How Do I Love Thee/Let Me Count The Ways.” It’s lovely,  simply lovely. If this collection were written for me, I would never let you go.

Kate O’Malley


The Loving Memoir is a stunningly bittersweet collection of beautifully written poems. Some of them brought me to tears. Others had me in awe of this unique way of expressing joys and sorrows.

Sharon McEvoy 


Loving is a beautifully written poetry collection. It is also honestly written. What has me convinced of its honesty is the final group of 20 poems called, “Revelations.” They tell me what the author learned from being in love. I believe these learnings have enabled him to move on after the love ended. But they also reveal that he would welcome the opportunity to rekindle the love he lost while also admitting he knows this opportunity will never happen. I think honesty like that takes a lot of courage.

Claire Trombly 


The painting and poem entitled “All That Is Beautiful,” work so well together.

Leslie Galler


There is a lovely experience being shared in  “An Errant Breeze.” I’ve had that very same experience. I’m certain many others have as well. Thank you very much for reminding me.

Julia Garcetti


First time visitor sending you a first time comment. Wow!

Annie Fuentes


I love this website and all of the content to be found on it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love this website and all of the content to be found on it. Don’t ever stop writing poetry Jon.

Diedre Fleming-McGlinchey


Firestorm is all about NOW. Tragically so. I don’t think anyone or anything describes so well what is happening all around, and to, us right now as this painting and poem manage to convey. They should be enlarged and presented on the floors of both the U.S. House and the Senate and kept there on an easel as stark reminders of how much damage is being done to our country by their continuing missteps.

Yolanda Thomas


I have read “Loving” and must say that to be able to put such feeling and joy into this Memoir in poetry form is remarkable.  It was exciting to read and feel the love, passion and decisions that were made. 

Mary Ann Manning


Your newest poetry collection, Memoir, is a miracle. Not only does it explain what it’s like to realize you are in love with another; it also describes, beautifully, some of the dearest memories of being in love; the heartbreak of losing a loved one and what all of us should learn about being in love. Bravo, Jon Trovato

Bonnie Blanchette


I’m saddened to learn that your love affair with your Firefly has ended. But I also have to admit that I was brought to tears by the tribute you have paid to her in your new Memoir. Any woman who has been loved so much should be forever grateful.

Gabriella Bianchi


Lovely, lovely, lovely, beautiful Memoir.

Tracy Byers


Just finished reading your Memoir for the second time, Beautifully done.

Judy Moran


This is a beautiful poetry collection about love that’s desired, found, lost and learned from. It’s also about love that can never be retrieved. It’s as much a cautionary tale as it is a guidebook. For that feat alone, Loving is deserving of my heartiest applause and also my hope that it becomes a bestseller.

Jen Letourneau


To know your poetry is to know how aware and understanding you are of the beauty to be had in living this life.

Drea Bergeron


The poetry, paintings and photography on this Website are such poignant reminders of who we and what we are and how much we have to experience and never, ever take any of it for granted. Thank you for the thoughts and feelings you arouse in me.

Maria Broncato


“Respite” Rocks! Thanks for keeping me in touch with Wellfleet.

Dana Marcetti


I’m still following your poetry online, Jon, and it keeps getting better and better with every passing month (isn’t that a line from a 1940’s song called “It’s Not For Me To say?”) .On a more serious note,  I wish I could explain how I feel and think the way you do. I’m also sure I’m not alone when I say all this.

Benny Fein


The Natural Treasures photograph and poem are showstoppers as so many of your “pairings,” as you insist on calling them, so often are.

Bob Ferris


Powerful stuff in “Predator.” Glad to see you’re still telling it like it is, Jon. A little hard for me to believe you’re saying it in poems. But in fairness, they’re the first and only poems I’ve been able to appreciate in my entire life.

Jim Durgan


The montage that is entitled “Predator,” is as intriguing as it is intimidating. The accompanying poem has the same impact on me. Both work very well together. Which came first?

Glen Schoenfeld


We love the poem and picture combination that’s called “The Earliest Rays.” So placid and peaceful. Hard to believe that there are places on the planet still capable of stirring such pleasant feelings.

John and Marge Grecco


The London at dawn photo has got to be the most dramatic image you’ve ever published on this site. Congratulations. I’ll be looking for more of the same.

Jim Farrington


I’m still loving your site, your poetry and the images paired with them. Together, each month, they make for delightful reading and remembering experiences.

Colleen Calvert


You continue to surprise and delight me, Jon Trovato, Maybe “thrill” is a better word. Thank you for these most beautiful thoughts.

Janet VanAnnen


I found the link to this website in your Instagram bio. The poetry here is at an entirely different level of imaginative expression. Wow..

Marge Dunne


Beautiful poems. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful website. Beautiful experiences.

Ginny Duchesne


The paintings and pictures on this site are always attention-getters. At the same time your interpretive statements about each always leave me with impressions that I would never have imagined, but are always perfect. Obviously the painters and photographers are satisfied with what you have to say about their work, or they wouldn’t let you publish it. I’m astounded by your insights, Jon. Please don’t ever stop.

Marci Ouellette


The poem titled “Caressed” reads like a prayer. I have committed it to memory because Aspen are my favorite trees. BTW, everyone else around me thinks Aspen trees are birch.

Ashley Danache


Everything about this site is lovely. I’m a new visitor. I intend to visit often.

Kathy Boehner


There is so much intensity in the painting that accompanies the While Making Possible poem. But the words in this poem make it totally understandable, and. believable.

Barry Kleinert


 I have said this before. I have to say it again. There is so very much love in all of your poetry, no matter what painting or photograph it accompanies. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful thoughts with all of us.

Gabriella Bianchi


The painting and poem entitled “The Importance,” are full of hope. Thank you for publishing them during this time of what seems to me to be never-ending sadness.

Jackie Liscenko


I definitely will be in Wellfleet this summer.. While I’m there, nothing is going to stop me from heading to Truro to experience that trail. I think it’s called the David Kuechie Trail, or something like that. It’s just above Wellfleet, near the end of the Cape.

Dana Marcetti


 I have never understood, nor wanted to understand, abstract art until I found it paired with your poems. Thank you for your interpretations. They have opened my eyes to some if not all of what is being communicated by the abstract artists that you continue to feature on this site.

Meriam Bertrand


My husband and I are high school science teachers (different schools). Our instruction labors, lately, have been Zoom-challenged. A month or so ago, we decided to end our instruction at the end of every week with a reading from your book, Wonder In The Face Of Infinity. We both refer to that reading as “Something To Think About.” We are fans of your Website and purchased a copy of  Wonder when it was first released. Today it’s dog-eared, not only from our personal readings but also from our readings to our students. They have been incredibly motivated to find out more and more about our cosmos since our readings began. Two of them have convinced their parents to purchase telescopes. We’re hoping they have also convinced them to buy copies of your book.

Diane and Marcel LaBreque  


I very much like Mirror Clear. Brings me back to what is New England, and, home, in my mind. Beautiful. And the photo is excellent.

Joseph Paolino


Your poetry is sometimes blissful. Sometimes bold. Always it is bright.

Arthur Tarkesian


The “Compressed Potential” painting and poem belong in a museum. Wow.

Cathy Jonkas


This site offers so much with so little and, sadly, not often enough.

Nancy Burnette


When I visit and revisit your site, I find something new despite the numbers of times I’ve looked at what had been published, already.

Greta Durgan


Glad to see you’re still at it, Jon. Your pairings are powerful. Don’t ever stop.

Barbara Levitt


I’m a city girl now. But the country girl in me will never leave. The Mirror Clear picture and poem make me long for home. Thank you, Jon.

Bonnie Blanchette

Thanks for another “taste” of Wellfleet.

Dana Marcetti


‘Even at Sunrise' is compelling and resonates even today when it's 6 degrees F in New London, NH.

Janet Miller Haines


The abstract art on this site is wonderful. I’m a big fan. It’s made even more wonderful by the poetic interpretations that accompany each piece.

Melanie Arthur


You continue to subtly weave into your poetry some of the best commentary on the political madness that prevails in our nation, today. Such beautifully expressed candor is very much needed and appreciated.

Charlene Delaney


You still amaze, Jon. Thank you for your tireless efforts at reminding all of us that beauty is everywhere no matter the season or political climate

John and Marge Grecco


My ex told me you were writing poetry. I didn’t believe her. She showed me how to get to your website and told me I wouldn’t like it. She was right. But she also showed me how to get to the archive section of your website and told me to click on the box called Shapes And Shadows. She said I’d like what was written there. She was right again. I read all of them. They reminded me of the Willie and Waylon song, Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. It’s all there. All of what we went through and a lot that I didn’t know about. But I understood it all. I’m letting those we both know who are still standing know about what you’ve written. I’m sure they will understand it too.

James Krause, JAYKAY in case you forgot


The poems, paintings and photographs on this website are so relevant, so meaningful, so timely and so needed right now.

Moira Flaherty


Somehow your poetry captures the tenor of our times, as in “A Unified Trust,” without compromising beauty. How do you do that?

Virginia Hebert


I have to ask if the beautiful lady walking in front of the exploding surf in the January Update poem called Undeterred is your “Firefly?”

Gabriella Bianchi


More Wellfleet. More Memories. More Summer. More Beauty. Don’t Stop. Please.

Dana Marcetti


This site is such a peaceful retreat from all of the present day madness. Thank you for this gift of poetry, paintings and photography

Janet Aubrey


I think all of us are programmed to see the familiar in what is, at first glance, foreign to us. That programming is clearly evident and perfectly depicted in the poem and photo called “Reminders and Replicas.”

Bill Bateman


When are you and Peter Bloch going to present another video that features your subject matter as you did in “A Tree In Winter,” just about a year ago? Watching the Bloch image come to life, aided by the narration of your poem, was an experience you should consider offering on this site more often.

Gloria Andreas


Oh what a charming website you’ve created. The poems are a pleasure to read. Each is enriched by the paintings and photographs that accompany them. Or, is it the other way around? Or both?

Carolyn Baily


Reminders & Replicas makes me smile. Thank you, Jon. Very little does that for me, these days.

Bonnie Blanchette


I loved “Complex Perfections” as it reminded me of my early childhood growing up on Osgood St. As the house was poorly insulated, the windows would frost up on the inside and I loved scratching the spidery designs that appeared in the early morning when I got up and I would scratch away at that cold frosted window. If I remember correctly, I used to put some of that frost on my lips and feel the coolness. Nice memory. Thanks cousin.

Mary Ann Manning


Congrats on your latest collection of Word Paintings, JT. Rather brilliant how you have paired your words with artists’ images. “Complex Perfections” is one of my favorites.

Susan Brierly Bush


Votre poésie est toujours poignante, puissante  et pleine d’espoir. Merci pour tout cela jusqu’à présent et pour ce que j'attends de venir.



I was watching the Inauguration while reading your poems. I just had to read them after watching that inspired young lady offer her thoughts of hope to our nation. It occurred to me that the overall takeaway from both her work and yours is love.

Gabriella Bianchi


The photograph and poem entitled “Complex Perfections” should be framed and displayed in MOMA.

Benny Fein


Your interpretations of the images that appear on your site are always so appropriate. I find them to be what I would say if I had the talent and skill.

Carol Briette


Everything about this site is beautiful. I love to visit. To see. To read. To enjoy all of your Word Paintings, often.

Breanna Musgrave


Here’s what I do when your notices come every month. First, after linking to this site, I look at each of the paintings and photographs. Then I try to imagine what they are saying. After that, I read each poem. I want you to know that never have I been able to see what you see in them. But there has never been a time when what you have seen has been less than perfect.

Yvette Bergeron


Your site brightens my days, lifts my spirits and soothes my moods. I visit here often.

Meredith McGregor


Such fitting poetry for such unfitting times.

John Albrecht


We are living in a nightmare yet somehow you manage to help us cope.

Gloria Leotta


Bless You, Jon Trovato.

Barbara Levitt


I haven’t checked into this site for quite a while. Took the time to do it today and was pleased to learn that it has continued to provide some of the most interesting thoughts, paintings and photographs I’ve ever seen. How you manage to get all of them to work so well together is beyond me. Keep up the excellent work.

Jim Colombe


The poem and photograph you’ve titled, “Now,” has brought tears to my eyes.

Gabriella Bianchi


I took a look at the WP page and found your joining up of the piece (with the arms up) and “Homeland.” Thought it worked well. Which is not to be construed as approval for this sort of thing. However, after reading the poem again it did occur to me that taking the pressure of both the painting and the poem separately one could hope for an entirely different experience viewing them at the same time, so to speak.

Dennis Wheeler


OMG I love this site, the poems and the books. BTW, I hope there is another book in the works.

Celia Ames


Congratulations, Jon, on another collection of thoughtful and compelling poetry. I especially enjoy your teaming up with so many talented artists. Your words and their images are a happy collaboration.

Susan Brierly Bush


What you do with words amazes me. Thank you.

Virginia Snow


“Promises Kept” is simply stunning photography and poetry

Meriam Padgett


Every month you not only add profound new images you also add profound new poetry. How on earth do you accomplish this feat, repeatedly?

Joanna Bresnahan


The Photo and Poem, Stoic Storybook Facades, captures the beautiful intimacy that is and always will be Paris.

Gwen Goulet


Again and again, I find the gallery of images and poetry that are resident on this Website to be simply-stated and spectacular.

Barbara Riley


In “This Season,” you’ve come up with another river that is begging me to canoe.

Jim Perry


Sam Bleecker and you, Jon, have come up with a statement that should be shown and read aloud on the US Senate floor.

William Edrys

I continue to be both amazed and thankful that my art continues to inspire your profound poetry.

Sam Bleecker


Yet another Wellfleet Icon and poem. Keep them coming, Jon. Now, more than ever, they remind me how much I’ve missed since we’ve entered this absurdly managed pandemic era.

Dana Marcetti


I enjoy receiving these every month. The Wellfleet poem and image evoked memories of a place I love.

Barbara Ross


Your Love poems and Fall poems are the most beautiful of your collections. They take my breath away.

Gabriella Bianchi


How you are able to shift your poetic interpretations so easily and so accurately from abstract to conventional art to photography amazes me. Thank you for doing that every month.

Jane Katzeff


Oh how I would love to canoe on that river filled with “Paintbrush Colors.”

Jim Perry


The forest scene and accompanying poem entitled “The Quiet Aftermath” are wonderful together.

Maggy Piesson


The Two of Us is a very beautiful love poem. Please give us more of the same. Please.

Gabriella Bianchi


OMG, this is a beautiful site.

Dana Gibney


LOVE your poetry.

Camille Block


The August photography and art are simply spectacular.

Bob Fuller


For some reason, the poetry and picture combination called “More Beauty” brought tears to my eyes.

Marge Grecco


I know exactly where that dock is located in Wellfleet. Great painting. Great poem.

Dana Marcetti


The poem and art pair entitled “Besmirched” are so sadly relevant right now.

Susan McEvoy


The mountain that is mentioned in the poem “So Spectacularly,” has got to be Mount Blanc in the French Alps. The surrounding area is a place of leisure and love in any season.

Gabriella Bianchi


I like seeing my paintings through your eyes. Thanks.

Sam Bleecker


The painting and poem pair entitled, “A Gift,” are spellbinding.

Janice Snowe


I can never get enough of Wellfleet, especially when it’s impossible, this year, for me to get there. Thank you for the painting and poem combination, “Not So Far.”

Dana Marcetti


This is a charming website. The poems are always a pleasure to read. They offer poignant insights into the paintings and photographs they accompany.

Linda Reinhold.


One word describes “At First Light” perfectly. Gorgeous.

Tina Lacey


Such a beautiful place to visit, a quiet self-satisfying interlude.

JoAnn Putnam


This website is a beautiful gift of words and images. I am so appreciative of what can be found here during this time of pain and struggle.

Jordan Franklin


Love the Poem and Video, Resolute In Purpose, Jon. Wow! BTW, William sends his best regards.

Mary Edrys


The poem and image combination called, “Resolute in Purpose” is stunning! And, video brings the pair to life. Fantastic!

Ginny Bregulliard 


More Wellfleet! Couldn’t have come at a better time. I miss it so. Give us more. Please!

Dana Marcetti


Sam Bleecker is a genius. His paintings are amazing. The poetry that accompanies his work is pretty amazing too.

Joanne Borys


Many Montauk memories come to mind, vividly, thanks to the poetry and painting combo called “This Seaside Paradise.” Thank you so much.

Ruth Rosenfeld


Oh how I long for a walk down a path through Montauk dune grass to the sea.

Gail Blemire


While I have no way of knowing how your collaboration pairs evolve, they always work so very well together. The “Enveloping Everyone” collaboration is chillingly on target for these uncertain times.

Mary Arsenault


I’m new to the commentary section of this website. But a long time visitor. Just had to offer my view of The Only Barriers Painting and Poem. Absolutely beautiful Together they bring to mind so many wonderful Wellfleet experiences. They also bring to mind the possibility that those experiences may be few and far between in the future.

Dana Marcetti


This is a lovely website. Just the sort of pleasant distraction all of us need right now.

Carolyn Condon


Of all the love poems that have appeared on this site, Caring, that was published in March of this year is, by far, the very best.

Maggy Piesson


When the guy I know who is writing this stuff wasn’t preaching, from dawn to dusk, the importance of aligning a company’s communications plan with that company’s business plan, he was driving fast cars, riding fast motorcycles and chasing fast women. When and why did this guy become a poet?

Doug Landrey


I love these poems. The pairing poems and the individual poems that are posted in your archives. I love them all .They are wonderful expressions of all that we have to enjoy in this life. All of them are so plainly and so beautifully stated.

Merriam Shaw


I was so happy to find your e-blast in my inbox. As always your poems are so thoughtful and inspiring. 

Sharon Cain


The words in the poem, Caring, are so true and so important to realize, as well as to live by, at the beginning of, and throughout, every loving relationship, if it is to last. Thank you for these beautiful words. Also, I have to ask, again, is the lady in the photograph your Firefly?

Gabriella Bianchi


Absolutely beautiful artwork accompanies the poem, “So Few of Us.” Your words make the pairing come alive with the message that, hopefully, more of us will heed.

Nan Freeman


Such a beautiful site. So many beautiful words.

Annette Theberge


Please think about issuing your updates more often. The poems, along with the art and photography that accompany them, offer a welcome reprieve from all of the anxieties caused by this ongoing pandemic.

Arlene Panati


Thank you for sharing The Faint Outline art and poetry. Both are beautifully delicate reminders of the lasting impact of love.

Yvette Houle


I would love to have a room to enjoy the outdoors like the room pictured in “Glass Sectioned Views.” Especially now.

Ginny Bregulliard 


In my opinion, one of the most beautiful and bittersweet poems and photographs ever published on this site is entitled, “In Paris.” The perspective that is presented applies not only to the feelings caused by a lost love, but, now, they also apply, sadly, to the loss of what any of us may have taken for granted in the past.

Barbara Benenson


It has been awhile, Jon, so I thought I’d check in, You’re still at it, thankfully. What has happened to me as a result of my binge reading your new approach to publicizing your work is a new appreciation of abstract art. The painting and accompanying poem called, “Amazingly” in your latest update succeeded in mesmerizing me, amazingly!

 Marci Ouellette


Your poems are like a shelter in a storm; and we certainly have a worldwide storm on our hands, these days. You should offer more of them each month. They are absolutely beautiful, and for me, absolutely necessary.

Gail Blemire


The painting that illustrates Few Earthly Enchantments is lovely.

Barbara Levitt


Where are your Love Poems, Jon. I miss them so.

Anne Sheehan


Do you have another book in the works? I have a dog eared copy of The Firefly Collection. I’m hoping for another one, soon.

Nina Lorenti


My love for your poems is unending. I visit this site often to read again and again what you have given to the world. In my visits I dutifully study the latest of your gifts and can’t resist revisiting your beautiful archives.

Gabriella Bianchi


Equines are on my mind as well, Jon Usually at the race track, as you know, full well. But your poem, Presence And Pastures, has given me another way to think about horses. A peaceful way. Thank you, Jon. I mean it. Thank you.

Bernie Isaacson


I especially love this poetry.

Susan Brierly Bush


From your January update, A Memory Wrapped In An Idea: Wonderfully presented. Wonderfully described. Don’t ever stop creating.

Mary McGinnis


Jon, I really enjoyed reading your recent poems. One of my favorites is from January… “As quaint and enduring.” A particularly lovely collaboration of words and art!

Susan Brierly Bush


You’ve done it again. I’ve watched and listened to A Tree In Winter countless times. Thank you, Jon, for collaborating with the aerial photographer, Peter Bloch, The two of you make magic, together.

Arlene Phelan


The video link to A Tree In Winter is a gift. Thank you. It’s beautiful.

Mary Arsenault


As always, your poetry is lovely and lends wonderful perspectives to the accompanying art and photographs. But I have one concern. Why have you decided against stacking the works that appear each month? Watching the collection of images grow, together, monthly, as it did last year, adds to the pleasure of experiencing them, individually.

Nancy Duchette


The artwork and poem titled “The Seductions” captures the utter meaninglessness of today’s advertising messages and social network blather. Together, sadly, they are succeeding in controlling the interests, desires and beliefs of a majority of people, both young and old, across the world. In the face of this continuing growth of these Orwellian control mechanisms, “The Seductions” pairing is well illustrated and well said.

Virginia Snyder


I know that beautiful building featured in “Among The Villages.” It’s the First Congregational Church in Wellfleet. There is art and poetry in every one of its beams and seams. And the artist, Kent Planck, and the poet Jon Trovato have captured all of it.

Jim Holland


The “Touched By Shadows“ painting and poem are how I think a female Mossad Agent must behave even when she’s doing something mundane like food shopping.

Artie Morentz


Your poetry is so peaceful, so personal, so enjoyable. Thank you for continuing to share it with the world.

Leah Piette


The photo and poem called “Lingering Preparedness” is so reminiscent of my childhood home at this time of year. It brings back many cheerful memories.

Jim Blanchard


After reading poems from what was called the Shapes and Shadows collection more than a few times, I was convinced the author had some war zone military experience. The poem, The Flyover View, confirms it as far as I’m concerned. What is said in that poem and rendered in the artwork that accompanies it was seen and felt by me, often, while piloting a Huey in Southeast Asia, a  long, long time ago.

Art Courtemanche


I couldn’t believe it when the links to your site failed. Thank you so much for resending them. It was worth the wait.

Barbara Levitt


The video is very, very, very cool. Congrats!

Jason Sakowski


I have fallen in love with the video, A Winter’s Tale. I hope you and the people you’ve teamed-up with plan to do more of them. In my opinion the video works best full screen with the volume at about the mid-point of the scale on my computer. It ought to be marketed as a visual aid to minimize or even eliminate anxiety.

Arlene Phelan


The video is a terrific idea.

Gene Tallarico


When this month’s update finally arrived after the technical glitch, I was sure I was going to be disappointed. My first impression was that all of the 2019 poems and paintings had been eliminated. Thank you for not doing that. I not only enjoy reading these poems, I also look forward to studying the art. Together they comprise a colorful matrix of creative thoughts.

Janet VanAnnen


Just watched the Winter's Tale piece. It's extraordinarily beautiful. Needless to say, I see your poems as pure and ethereal art. Bloch's visual accompaniment makes it all seem other-worldly! Gorgeous images from my current home state!  Great job, my friend. I look forward to more of these productions from you.

Ray Mitchell


Congratulations, Jon, on this lovely multimedia presentation of A Winter’s Tale. What a brilliant concept, pairing your words with Peter’s stunning images of a winter wonderland. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

Susan Brierly Bush


I certainly don’t know if the artist intended to paint some of the Stonehenge monoliths with the look of fallen clouds. But that’s how they appear to me. Also, having been there, I can say, very honestly, that what appears in the painting and poem entitled, “Almost Immediately,” captures the feelings of mystery and mysticism of the area perfectly.

Donna Barrett


I’m convinced the Intertwined photograph is the last one taken of the Poet and the lady he calls, Firefly. The proof, I believe, is in the poem that accompanies it.

Gabriella Bianchi


I doubt that I’ll ever tire of visiting and admiring the paintings and poetry that are published on this site.

Anna Cronin


Bravo, Jon Trovato. I’ve said it before and I have to say it again, Bravo.

Diedre Fleming-McGlinchey


My wife gave me a copy of your Firefly Collection. She told me I could “learn a thing or two” from reading it. I have to admit two things. One, it’s the first book of poetry I’ve ever read. Two, I don’t know whether to congratulate or hate you.

Tony Reinhold


I think the artwork and poem called “The Infrastructures” help us to think about how all life forms, the universe and the whole shebang are matrixed together. Thank you.

Marty Dwyer


I just finished reading The Firefly Collection, for the fourth or fifth time. I’ve lost count. If the poetry is about one woman, then I envy her beyond all reason. If it’s about many, I wish I were one of them.

Anne Lee Conroy


You’ve convinced my husband and I, Jon Trovato, for you, all aspects of life can be expressed through poetry. Thank you for continuing to share your poetic expressions every month. They’re beautiful.

Annie & Hank Shaw


Your poems about Paris appear often in your site updates. What is it about this city that continues to inspire you? Is it a long lost love who lives there? Or are you writing about a place you love and never got the chance to experience with someone you love?

Gabriella Bianchi


The complex assembly of images and the colors that reinforce, join and blend them in “The Hunting Grounds” artwork is astounding. Bravo Thinking about this abstract painting by Dennis Wheeler as the processing of a mind in a moment in time is perfect.

Mary Desjardins


I received your latest e-blast and thoroughly enjoyed reading your poems as always. 

The artwork is beautiful too. 

Sharon Cain


I’ve been enjoying your beautiful postings on Instagram for quite awhile. This is my first visit to your website and I immediately felt I had to say the poems that appear here are extraordinary. My favorite, by far is “Visible Nothingness.” It captures the impact of a lost love more perfectly than any other poems on this subject I’ve ever read.

Brenda Arcand


“Like the fiery fragments of an exploding sun.” Such a perfect description of the falling leaves of October. You never fail to impress me, Jon.

Mary Arsenault


You’ve captured our thoughts and feelings about fall, exactly. My husband and I often venture into wooded areas at this time of year. The experience never fails to remind us of how beautiful and brief life is. The painting and poem, “Stunning Reminders” seem to have been created about and for us Thank you.

Marge and John Grecco


The photograph and accompanying poem, “In Paris,” from the September update on this website is a starkly beautiful combination. I’ve looked at and read it several times. “Poignant” and  “bittersweet” are words that come close to describing what has been created by the photographer and poet. But, “heartbreaking “ is really what says it all. I’ve had that experience. I know that feeling. Neither ever leave me.

Lorraine Esterhaus


I think Dennis Wheeler is an intensely dramatic abstract artist. His website is worth visiting. The poetic interpretations of his art are equally intense and dramatic. But neither the paintings nor the poems are ever easy for me to understand. Both require a great deal of thought, from me, before I can appreciate why they appear together and why they belong together. So far it has been worth the effort to find out.

Raylene Patenaud


Your Instagram portfolio is wonderful. Your website is superb. Your range of subject matter is amazing. I still say all of it is so unlike you that it’s hard for me to believe you’re the writer. Please keep it up, Jon.

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


You did it! You published a book and it’s beautiful.

Bonnie Blanchette


The picture and poem, “Just Imagine,” is all about love and happiness. I’ve been visiting it every day, just to feel good. Bravo…

Connie Pinaud


What I want to know is what happened to you in Paris? Will you ever get over it (or her)? Truthfully, I hope you don’t. Your Paris poems deserve a book of their own.

Gabriella Bianchi


All of these poems are beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. This website is a joy to visit. I plan to come back often.

Jenna Antonelli

Visited your site this morning, Jon. The poem Sentries (sic.Willing Companions), is lovely.

Sam Bleecker


Such a wonderful interpretation of the painting, “A Chaotic Array.” A perfect fit. Makes me wonder if the Artist and Poet collaborated on the image and words from the inception of both painting and poem.

Shari Martin

I assume Larry Chase doesn’t have a website. He should. One or two of his photos have appeared with Word Paintings poems very recently. His latest, the Quid Pro Quo photograph is excellent.

Nina Colletti


You continue to hit home runs, Jon. Good for you!

Carmella Leone


Every month there are stories to be found in each of these paintings and poems. The Paris images and poetry, in particular, speak bittersweet volumes of a lost love. Of this I am certain.

Gabriella Bianchi


This Website is beautiful. I’m glad I followed your link.

Nancy Schmottlach

Such a beautiful website, amazing words and pictures! Congratulations Jon, Mary Ann, Joe and all for this great work.

JoAnn Putnam

Your poetry continues to delight me, Jon. The two individuals that appear in the poems “An Always” and “Someone,” are very intriguing. Especially intriguing is the man you describe as “being loved by camera and canvas, alike.” I’m wondering if the artist “who can see into his soul” is his wife? Or, perhaps, his lover. I’m also thinking it may be his mother!

Mary Arsenault


Paul and I are wondering who the mystery lady is, Jon? Elle est très attirante.

Laura Lallemond


I am mesmerized by the “Aesthete.” Is she also a “Firefly?”

Gabriella Bianchi


The images that sprawl, shoulder to shoulder, across the Single Glance canvas fascinate me. As does the poetic interpretation of this artwork. It really does look like a single visual slice taken from countless other slices that the artist, or any of us for that matter, may see without ever processing at any moment, on any day, in our lives.

Art Courtemanche


The poem, Willing Companions, showers high praise on a pair of beach chairs. After carefully studying the sketch and the lines that accompany it, my feeling is, that praise is well deserved!

Artie Morentz


What lovely poetry, Jon! I especially like your melding of poetry and artwork. Two of my favorites are An Unlikely Pairing and A Magnet.

Susan Brierly-Bush


Jon, I like how you pair your words to specific art or photos.

Larry Prince


The “Made Mystical” art and poem are absolutely beautiful.

Marci Cotter


Every month, these selections keep getting better and better, Jon. We especially like “The Transcendent.” It’s so true.

John and Marge Grecco


All of your poems on this new site are so sensitive, so sincere, so unlike the business you. Amazing.

Amy Lawler


Jon Trovato, you have outdone yourself with this new approach to presenting your poems as wonderful interpretations of very special art and photography.

Diedre Fleming-McGlinchey


Your soul-touching words combined with this fine art is a pleasure to enjoy always. So very well done.

JoAnn Putnam


There is love in all of your poetry, Jon Trovato. Never stop creating Word Paintings.

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


Unbelievable. First a website of intimate poetry. Then a book with even more intimate poetry, And now a new website with an entirely new way of presenting a new kind of intimate poetry. All this from a guy who used to be all business, all the time. I’ll say it again… Unbelievable.

Barbara Levitt



Karen Burns


This new Word Paintings Website is a perfect showplace for the combination of poetry, photography and art. Congratulations!

Teresa Robinson


The paperback and e-book versions of the Firefly Collection are excellent ways of reading this beautiful poetry. Have you given any thought to introducing an audio book version? I think it would be a wonderful addition

Mary Arsenault


Jon, Since we've known each other since high school, I feel that I'm fairly well-attuned to the forces of your creative mind. Your word paintings are beautiful and compelling, just as I would expect from you. We were both obvious writers from way back in those days, now so long ago. For me, your pieces prove my assessment of you, that you were a "raging, but cautious free spirit" from birth! Keep going, my good friend! Creative talent is like a muscle that must be used to avoid atrophy. Ad multos annos!

Ray Mitchell


I must confess I've never been smart enough to really be able to understand poetry well, but I do enjoy some of yours.

Kent Planck


What a beautiful new format this is! Congratulations on your book, I have a copy coming and will gift some more. So prolific, so many beautiful words. Appreciate you Jon, as always… Also, your Firefly Collection is wonderful as is your book dedication. Congratulations and please keep sharing your creations with all. We all appreciate and enjoy!
Thank you.

JoAnn Putnam


Can’t help wondering if the Paris poems on this site are admissions. They are as bittersweet as they are beautiful.

Gabriella Bianchi


Whatever you did to this site, I approve.

Dennis Wheeler

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