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Your poetry is so peaceful, so personal, so enjoyable. Thank you for continuing to share it with the world.

Leah Piette


The photo and poem called “Lingering Preparedness” is so reminiscent of my childhood home at this time of year. It brings back many cheerful memories.

Jim Blanchard


After reading poems from what was called the Shapes and Shadows collection more than a few times, I was convinced the author had some war zone military experience. The poem, The Flyover View, confirms it as far as I’m concerned. What is said in that poem and rendered in the artwork that accompanies it was seen and felt by me, often, while piloting a Huey in Southeast Asia, a  long, long time ago.

Art Courtemanche


I couldn’t believe it when the links to your site failed. Thank you so much for resending them. It was worth the wait.

Barbara Levitt


The video is very, very, very cool. Congrats!

Jason Sakowski


I have fallen in love with the video, A Winter’s Tale. I hope you and the people you’ve teamed-up with plan to do more of them. In my opinion the video works best full screen with the volume at about the mid-point of the scale on my computer. It ought to be marketed as a visual aid to minimize or even eliminate anxiety.

Arlene Phelan


The video is a terrific idea.

Gene Tallarico


When this month’s update finally arrived after the technical glitch, I was sure I was going to be disappointed. My first impression was that all of the 2019 poems and paintings had been eliminated. Thank you for not doing that. I not only enjoy reading these poems, I also look forward to studying the art. Together they comprise a colorful matrix of creative thoughts.

Janet VanAnnen


Just watched the Winter's Tale piece. It's extraordinarily beautiful. Needless to say, I see your poems as pure and ethereal art. Bloch's visual accompaniment makes it all seem other-worldly! Gorgeous images from my current home state!  Great job, my friend. I look forward to more of these productions from you.

Ray Mitchell


Congratulations, Jon, on this lovely multimedia presentation of A Winter’s Tale. What a brilliant concept, pairing your words with Peter’s stunning images of a winter wonderland. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

Susan Brierly Bush


I certainly don’t know if the artist intended to paint some of the Stonehenge monoliths with the look of fallen clouds. But that’s how they appear to me. Also, having been there, I can say, very honestly, that what appears in the painting and poem entitled, “Almost Immediately,” captures the feelings of mystery and mysticism of the area perfectly.

Donna Barrett


I’m convinced the Intertwined photograph is the last one taken of the Poet and the lady he calls, Firefly. The proof, I believe, is in the poem that accompanies it.

Gabriella Bianchi


I doubt that I’ll ever tire of visiting and admiring the paintings and poetry that are published on this site.

Anna Cronin


Bravo, Jon Trovato. I’ve said it before and I have to say it again, Bravo.

Diedre Fleming-McGlinchey


My wife gave me a copy of your Firefly Collection. She told me I could “learn a thing or two” from reading it. I have to admit two things. One, it’s the first book of poetry I’ve ever read. Two, I don’t know whether to congratulate or hate you.

Tony Reinhold


I think the artwork and poem called “The Infrastructures” help us to think about how all life forms, the universe and the whole shebang are matrixed together. Thank you.

Marty Dwyer


I just finished reading The Firefly Collection, for the fourth or fifth time. I’ve lost count. If the poetry is about one woman, then I envy her beyond all reason. If it’s about many, I wish I were one of them.

Anne Lee Conroy


You’ve convinced my husband and I, Jon Trovato, for you, all aspects of life can be expressed through poetry. Thank you for continuing to share your poetic expressions every month. They’re beautiful.

Annie & Hank Shaw


Your poems about Paris appear often in your site updates. What is it about this city that continues to inspire you? Is it a long lost love who lives there? Or are you writing about a place you love and never got the chance to experience with someone you love?

Gabriella Bianchi


The complex assembly of images and the colors that reinforce, join and blend them in “The Hunting Grounds” artwork is astounding. Bravo Thinking about this abstract painting by Dennis Wheeler as the processing of a mind in a moment in time is perfect.

Mary Desjardins


I received your latest e-blast and thoroughly enjoyed reading your poems as always. 

The artwork is beautiful too. 

Sharon Cain


I’ve been enjoying your beautiful postings on Instagram for quite awhile. This is my first visit to your website and I immediately felt I had to say the poems that appear here are extraordinary. My favorite, by far is “Visible Nothingness.” It captures the impact of a lost love more perfectly than any other poems on this subject I’ve ever read.

Brenda Arcand


“Like the fiery fragments of an exploding sun.” Such a perfect description of the falling leaves of October. You never fail to impress me, Jon.

Mary Arsenault


You’ve captured our thoughts and feelings about fall, exactly. My husband and I often venture into wooded areas at this time of year. The experience never fails to remind us of how beautiful and brief life is. The painting and poem, “Stunning Reminders” seem to have been created about and for us Thank you.

Marge and John Grecco


The photograph and accompanying poem, “In Paris,” from the September update on this website is a starkly beautiful combination. I’ve looked at and read it several times. “Poignant” and  “bittersweet” are words that come close to describing what has been created by the photographer and poet. But, “heartbreaking “ is really what says it all. I’ve had that experience. I know that feeling. Neither ever leave me.

Lorraine Esterhaus


I think Dennis Wheeler is an intensely dramatic abstract artist. His website is worth visiting. The poetic interpretations of his art are equally intense and dramatic. But neither the paintings nor the poems are ever easy for me to understand. Both require a great deal of thought, from me, before I can appreciate why they appear together and why they belong together. So far it has been worth the effort to find out.

Raylene Patenaud


Your Instagram portfolio is wonderful. Your website is superb. Your range of subject matter is amazing. I still say all of it is so unlike you that it’s hard for me to believe you’re the writer. Please keep it up, Jon.

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


You did it! You published a book and it’s beautiful.

Bonnie Blanchette


The picture and poem, “Just Imagine,” is all about love and happiness. I’ve been visiting it every day, just to feel good. Bravo…

Connie Pinaud


What I want to know is what happened to you in Paris? Will you ever get over it (or her)? Truthfully, I hope you don’t. Your Paris poems deserve a book of their own.

Gabriella Bianchi


All of these poems are beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. This website is a joy to visit. I plan to come back often.

Jenna Antonelli

Visited your site this morning, Jon. The poem Sentries (sic.Willing Companions), is lovely.

Sam Bleecker


Such a wonderful interpretation of the painting, “A Chaotic Array.” A perfect fit. Makes me wonder if the Artist and Poet collaborated on the image and words from the inception of both painting and poem.

Shari Martin

I assume Larry Chase doesn’t have a website. He should. One or two of his photos have appeared with Word Paintings poems very recently. His latest, the Quid Pro Quo photograph is excellent.

Nina Colletti


You continue to hit home runs, Jon. Good for you!

Carmella Leone


Every month there are stories to be found in each of these paintings and poems. The Paris images and poetry, in particular, speak bittersweet volumes of a lost love. Of this I am certain.

Gabriella Bianchi


This Website is beautiful. I’m glad I followed your link.

Nancy Schmottlach

Such a beautiful website, amazing words and pictures! Congratulations Jon, Mary Ann, Joe and all for this great work.

JoAnn Putnam

Your poetry continues to delight me, Jon. The two individuals that appear in the poems “An Always” and “Someone,” are very intriguing. Especially intriguing is the man you describe as “being loved by camera and canvas, alike.” I’m wondering if the artist “who can see into his soul” is his wife? Or, perhaps, his lover. I’m also thinking it may be his mother!

Mary Arsenault


Paul and I are wondering who the mystery lady is, Jon? Elle est très attirante.

Laura Lallemond


I am mesmerized by the “Aesthete.” Is she also a “Firefly?”

Gabriella Bianchi


The images that sprawl, shoulder to shoulder, across the Single Glance canvas fascinate me. As does the poetic interpretation of this artwork. It really does look like a single visual slice taken from countless other slices that the artist, or any of us for that matter, may see without ever processing at any moment, on any day, in our lives.

Art Courtemanche


The poem, Willing Companions, showers high praise on a pair of beach chairs. After carefully studying the sketch and the lines that accompany it, my feeling is, that praise is well deserved!

Artie Morentz


What lovely poetry, Jon! I especially like your melding of poetry and artwork. Two of my favorites are An Unlikely Pairing and A Magnet.

Susan Brierly-Bush


Jon, I like how you pair your words to specific art or photos.

Larry Prince


The “Made Mystical” art and poem are absolutely beautiful.

Marci Cotter


Every month, these selections keep getting better and better, Jon. We especially like “The Transcendent.” It’s so true.

John and Marge Grecco


All of your poems on this new site are so sensitive, so sincere, so unlike the business you. Amazing.

Amy Lawler


Jon Trovato, you have outdone yourself with this new approach to presenting your poems as wonderful interpretations of very special art and photography.

Diedre Fleming-McGlinchey


Thank you so much for the beautiful book of poetry!  The poems are so intimate, so tender, so lyrical and poignant.  Congrats to you!!

Enid Edelson


I think the poetry in your "Firefly Collection" should be read often. I enjoy them that way and discover new meaning, new understanding, and new appreciation for your oh so beautiful words with each new reading.

Gabriella Bianchi


You did it. You published a book of poetry. It’s beautiful. I can’t stop reading the poems.. Thank you. Who is the mystery woman on the cover? Were the poems written for her?

Bonnie Blanchette


Your soul-touching words combined with this fine art is a pleasure to enjoy always. So very well done.

JoAnn Putnam


There is love in all of your poetry, Jon Trovato. Never stop creating Word Paintings.

Deidre Fleming-McGlinchey


Unbelievable. First a website of intimate poetry. Then a book with even more intimate poetry, And now a new website with an entirely new way of presenting a new kind of intimate poetry. All this from a guy who used to be all business, all the time. I’ll say it again… Unbelievable.

Barbara Levitt



Karen Burns


This new Word Paintings Website is a perfect showplace for the combination of poetry, photography and art. Congratulations!

Teresa Robinson


The paperback and e-book versions of the Firefly Collection are excellent ways of reading this beautiful poetry. Have you given any thought to introducing an audio book version? I think it would be a wonderful addition

Mary Arsenault


Jon, Since we've known each other since high school, I feel that I'm fairly well-attuned to the forces of your creative mind. Your word paintings are beautiful and compelling, just as I would expect from you. We were both obvious writers from way back in those days, now so long ago. For me, your pieces prove my assessment of you, that you were a "raging, but cautious free spirit" from birth! Keep going, my good friend! Creative talent is like a muscle that must be used to avoid atrophy. Ad multos annos!

Ray Mitchell


I have read every poem in your Firefly Collection, Jon. I see them as timeless, tireless and true words of love. Giving or receiving these words has got to have been gloriously life-changing. Thank you for sharing these poems with the world. 

Sandy Oliveri


I must confess I've never been smart enough to really be able to understand poetry well, but I do enjoy some of yours.

Kent Planck


What a beautiful new format this is! Congratulations on your book, I have a copy coming and will gift some more. So prolific, so many beautiful words. Appreciate you Jon, as always… Also, your Firefly Collection is wonderful as is your book dedication. Congratulations and please keep sharing your creations with all. We all appreciate and enjoy!
Thank you.

JoAnn Putnam


Can’t help wondering if the Paris poems on this site are admissions. They are as bittersweet as they are beautiful.

Gabriella Bianchi


Whatever you did to this site, I approve.

Dennis Wheeler

Les poèmes de The Firefly Collection sont les expressions d’amour les plus sincères que j’ai jamais lues.



The poems in the Firefly collection are spectacular celebrations of love.

Arlene Phelan


Some of the love poems in your new book brought me to tears, Jon. All of them are unforgettably profound. Your talent for expressing the intricacies and intimacies of this most beautiful behavior is without equal.

Laura Lallemond



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